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The way in which business does business is changing as never before. This require us constantly update and improve our knowledge in the areas of corporate finance, judicial expertise and venture capital.

In the accounting area we are in the middle of a big shake. In January 2005 will be obligatory to recruit consultants for evaluating year over year the value and it constant evolution of the accounting item called "goodwilling" that will obviously affect to the fair value of the firm. This will contribute to enhance the importance of the appraisal figure.

Few years ago when the new economy arise, it was fostered the retribution policies that used include ESOPs, principally for quote firms . The new international normative reflected in the IAS will oblige to modify some important aspects trying to incorporate the new financial concepts and the new way of doing business.

Recently, has emerged a new kind of firms characterised by not having positive free cash flows and with a lack of key drivers that allow us a traditional approach in terms of valuation, we are talking about sectors like biotech, internet and other which approach must be done by new methods that incorporate the flexible value, that is, applying real options.

Also we have developed our skills and enough knowledge for managing risk in investment portfolios not only for funds even for pension plans, being done this services by the firm called Delta Investigación Financiera.

The draft of the future act that will regulate pension plans in Spain will oblige to incorporate a new professional profile, the financial consultant experts, which will issue an opinion about the quality of the investment process that will include several aspects like benchmarking, investment policy, risk analysis process and portfolio analysis.

Finally we are a firm specialised in all these areas that surge as a merger of different professionals with a huge experience and skills, we are predominated Ph.D. MBAs and portable of more than one career.

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