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I. Corporate Finance .- Our experience and our participation in the valuation process is not only a profesional approach. We are invited periodically to participate to share our experience in private organisations that help to our regulatory organisms. We are specialised in judicial expertise but we also are ready to participate in takeovers and mergers for venture capital operations assessing sellers and buyers , establishing price expectation and realistic valuation parameters; we are ready to participate in design and draft disposal information memoranda that leads to an agreement and to a formulation structured offer. For summarize our activities are focus on the following areas:

  • a) Judicial Expertise.

  • b) Valuation Firms.

  • c) Merger and Acquisitions.

  • d) Helping Firms with difficulties.

  • e) Consultant services on stock options for employees.

    II. Investment Area .- We do consultant services for investment firms and insurance firms for helping them in the optimal decision process for building their portfolio. Our skill allow us to reduce non systematic risk and optimise the return of the portfolio. We work as analysis department . We do all this specific work through a firm called Delta Investigación Financiera.

    III. Training .- Actually we are doing training through more than 12 institutions in different areas, corporate finance, managing portfolios and risks, fixed income...

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